• Location: China
  • Address: 505 No.47, Demin Huayuan, Chongchuang
  • Tel: 0086-139-13923033
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M.C.BIOTEC specializes in development, production and marketing bioactive substances to satisfy people’s constant pursuit of health and beauty. We at M.C.Biotec are proud of having a skilled and motivated team of professionals including senior scientists, Ph.Ds and science graduates whose strong scientific background in diverse life science, combined with more than a decade of dedication to research and development continually enable the discovery of new technologies and their application to product improvement.

We have two production locations in China, both well-designed according to GMP requirements. One focuses on R&D and production of biotechnology-based products, including erythrulose, dihydroxyacetone, glabridin, alpha arbutin, kojic acid and epidermal growth factor (EGF); the other on synthetic substances, including kojic dipalmitate, promestriene, ciclopirox olamine, ethyl ascorbic acid.

We firmly believe that quality products can only be produced in the good facilities by well-trained personnel following strict control procedures. So we continually keep our competitive advantages via:

(1) Adequately activate staff’s enthusiasm and creativity;

(2) Innovative technologies;

(3) Avoid production faults or quality accidents by good training and strict control procedures;

(4) In-depth technical support and thoughtful services;

(5) Good returns to clients in cooperation with us.

Our credo: customers are always the focus of our attention and the cornerstone of our growth and progress.

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