Ego Pharmaceuticals Azclear Action Medicated Lotion (20% Azelaic Acid)
で発表 2020-04-09 , 資料元:公式サイト
Per Australia's "therapeutic product" laws, only the active ingredients and preservatives are listed on the label. I reached out directly to Ego Pharmaceuticals and they provided me with the full ingredient list in capital letters as follows: ALUMINIUM MAGNESIUM SILICATE (also known as magnesium aluminosilicate), AZELAIC ACID (20% w/w), GLYCEROL, MACROGOL 400 (trade name for polyethylene glycol 400/PEG-400), PHENOXYETHANOL (1% w/w), POVIDONE (trade name for polyvinylpyrrolidone), SILICA – COLLOIDAL ANHYDROUS (a form of silicon dioxide which is synthetically made from sodium silicate), WATER – PURIFIED, XANTHAN GUM.
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