SL-Whiting®577 4-Butylresorinol  18979-61-8
SL-Whiting®577 , 4-Butylresorcinol is a safe liposoluble ingredient with high efficiency on skin lighting and depigmenting.

CAS 18979-61-8

INCI 4-Butylresorinol

Properties and benefits

In the three processes of melanogenesis, SL-Whiting®577 has important inhibitory effect on tyrosinase activity and synergism in the process.

1. Before melanin synthesis, it interferes with the synthesis and glycosylation of tyrosinase to prevent the enzyme from being absorbed by melanoma.

2. During melanin synthesis, inhibition of enzyme activity, as a competitive inhibitor of tyrosinase and TRP1 enzyme, reduced the formation of melanin primary by-products.

3. After melanin synthesis, tyrosinase degradation was increased and the transfer of melanoma to keratinocytes was inhibited. This function is enhanced by the presence of fatty acids and regulates the degradation of tyrosinase.

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