Phenylethyl Resorcinol CAS No.85-27-8
Phenylethyl resorcinol (4-(1-phenylethyl)1,3-benzenediol) (PR) (Figure 1) is a new whitening agent that has been found to have the ability to inhibit tyrosinase activity. PR has been shown to serve as a whitening and brightening ingredient in skin care products, hair lightening products, and cosmetics. It is a synthetic compound that is partially derived from natural lightening compounds found in Scotch pine bark. According to research, it is one of the highest tyrosinase inhibitors, 22 times more potent than kojic acid. When directly compared to β-arbutin, PR was shown to be over 100 times as effective at lightening hair. Also, it served as an antioxidant agent—better than vitamin E, vitamin C, and butylated hydroxytoluene. However, the application problems of PR were due to its light instability and poor water solubility. The poor water solubility may limit its absorption, while its photo instability may render the topically applied PR ineffective. Therefore, there is a need for appropriate delivery vehicles that can improve the photo stability and water solubility of PR.
INCI: Phenylethyl Resorcinol

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