Ruby Rose Pó Iluminador To Glow Cor 2 Fancy / To Glow Loose Powder Highlighter Color 2 Fancy
Posted on 2019-08-10 , Data Source: Product's Label
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Lindo demais, mas infelizmente me dá alergia. Fiz o teste de alergia (atrás das orelhas) há algumas horas para confirmar e o produto irritou minha pele instantaneamente, então retirei. Meu pescoço está ardendo até agora.

It looks amazing, but unfortunately it gives me allergy. I did the skin allergy test (behind the ears) a few hours ago to confirm and the product instantly irritated my skin, so I removed it. My neck is still burning.

P.S.: Raramente algo irrita minha pele. PS: Rarely does something irritate my skin. – le.mondini 2019-08-10
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