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I write this message before to " [email protected]" but i don't why, it cant send
So' i'll just write this in here......


I'm just found this web and i'm just get shocking with these list. I know, i'm just new beginner in cosmetics world. I'm still keep wondering and guest and searching before using a product.

Lately, i'm just using AIO BB cream from TBS and it works on me ( I already bought 2nd tube). Just beacuse i don't know how to put foundation on my face. Sorry, i have long letters.

What i wanna ask are:
1. Is that true, AIO face base still have paraben in their ingredients? I ever heard that TBS are paraben-free, so for the starter. i just buy theirs products. because, this is my first time using cosmetics in my entire life and just don't wanna get wrong way before too late. (before i'm just using moisturizer on my face and i'm just going everywhere).

2. Do u have any suggestion for products that paraben-free? and free of dimethicone ?

Thank you very much,
I really hope for your reply emailed.

Best Regards,


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Hi, Molly,

I've worked as a Marketing Executive for The Body Shop and I can tell you the products are NOT SAFE and NOT ALL NATURAL, and for sure not paraben free!

If you just check the back labels of the products you will see for yourself that the list of ingredients isn't exactly ok. TBS used to have great products back in the day when Anita (the lady who started the company) ran the business. But after her death The Body Shop was purchased by L'Oreal and is now just a brand that makes cosmetics full of chemicals but markets itself as being natural and healthy.

It's not. I would recommend you to pass to asian skincare beauty.
I'm a big fan of COSRX - great products with good, clean formulations. The longer the ingredient list on a product the riskier it is.

Look for products WITHOUT alcohol, fragrance, parabens, mineral oils, dimethicone and other irritants.

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Oh Wow. Owned by L'Oreal. Fck that.

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Recently, I have started using this brand. They have products with 1-5 ingredients. I think they package only active ingredients in their products. I think they are the "purest" brand out there. Another brand I love is this. They are a bit on the expensive side, but their products are good!! Totally worth it.

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