Face oil and serum with no irritants
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Does anyone know a good facial oil or serum with no irritants for my very sensitive, dry, acne-prone skin?

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I've had good luck with the AprilSkin Carrot Blemish Serum https://aprilskin.us/collections/all-product/products/carrot-blemish-serum
You can see the ingredients on CosDNA here: http://cosdna.com/eng/cosmetic_0db1548468.html

I also use the AprilSkin Artemisia Squalane Hydra Gel Cream as my skin is very dry and incredibly sensitive. I normally apply the Carrot Serum in the morning and the Hydra Gel Cream at night.

Hope these suggestions help!

I suffer from acne too - both of these products have helped diminish my acne. I'm also on Curology for acne too. – jentonyes 2021-04-29
Thank you!!!! – vsutt 2021-04-29

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