Moisturizer For Really Glowy and Shiny Make Up
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Can anyone recommend me some moisturizer that won't cause acne, won't break out your make up or sunscreen and sits nicely under the make up and doesn't break the product. I have a really acne prone skin but i really love shiny, glowing make up but unfortunately right now i dont have any moisturizer to get me there. I need some suggestion like Loreal Paris Glow Cherie. And even if you guys dont have anything to recommend me can you at least say if Loreal Paris Glow Cherie is good for acne prone skin or not?

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I would recommend make an appointment with a skin therapist. Don't know if you have this occupation in youre country... Otherwise I would reccomend provitamine creme from meditopics and the skin Veil – Huidjans 2020-10-08
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