sunscreen with 0 acne/irritant
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so far i'm so problematic with finding suncreens that wont break me out. i have sensitive oil acne prone skin. any suggestions?

Mamaearth Natural Radiance Day Cream (also has sunscreen) & Goldfaden MD Vital Boost Even Skintone Moisturizer are both moisturizer that have 0 risks of irritation or acne breakouts. – Kylie_S 2020-12-25
Also the Farmacy Daily Greens Oil-Free Gel Moisturizer has no possibility of irritation or breakouts. – Kylie_S 2020-12-25
Try Eclipse Solaire Sunscreen by Renewcell Cosmedica, Physical Sunscreen. – r.medica 2021-07-14
I suggest checking out skinforyou - they really helped me with my skin. You can take a skincare quiz on their page and their esthetician's will suggest products for you based on yoru skin concerns – muskin1104 2022-02-27
ishonest 171 (for before going out) and ishonest 181 (for after coming back). I have always struggled with sunscreens. Until I found these. They are life savers for people like us! – claudiashannon 2022-04-13
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Try using physical/ mineral sunscreen. The best I´ve tried is the HELIOCARE 360 MINERAL SPF 50

This has pore clogging ingredients I just ran it through my data base – Mariacamilarv 2019-11-02
@Mariacamilarv do you have any sunscreen recommendations? that won’t break me out i haven’t been able to find one. – isabela.v 2021-07-04
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I used Biore Aqua Rich eatery essence SPF 50 is really good, light none greasy effective

This has alcohol and fragrance if someone has sensitive, dr my skin or rosacea then I do not recommend – Mariacamilarv 2019-11-02
Dry skin * – Mariacamilarv 2019-11-02
Hi, I use this on acnegenic skin and although it has one acne causing ingredient this has worked really well for me. Avoid Heliocare for definite - this broke me out on my face and neck. I'm currently – ninadaymn 2020-07-05
biore has dimethicone! avoid – vdorocket 2021-02-24
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I found that coola organic mineral sun silk creme has very good ratings and does not have very irritant/acne ingredients except for Cetearyl Alcohol (score of 2 for acne). I bought it on revolve because I couldn't find it in other stores. It's a bit pricey

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MagiX Face Perfector by Avon. Its nongreasy, a few acne ingredients. It's been the only one that I have found that has been affordable. I can't afford to spend $30-40 dollars on a small tube of sunblock I will be using daily and finish in a month. It cost $8.99

it has dimethicone, a silicone. its rated 1 comedogenic. def not for acne prone skin – vdorocket 2021-02-24
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I have been using the elta MD UV Clear Broad Spectrum line of sunscreen. I have tried the SPF 46 for acne prone skin types and have also tried the SPF 40 that is more moisturizing. These products have been made fragrance free, oil free, paraben free, sensitivity free and noncomedogenic. I have never had irritation or breakouts because of these sunscreens!

The SPF 46 is good the SPF 40 has Isopropyl Palmitate which is pore clogging – Mariacamilarv 2019-11-02
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Hey! The Dermalogica solar defense booster seems to have 0 acne aggravating ingredients, but it is expensive. Haven’t tried it but might if I don’t find a cheaper similar product.

dermalogica solar defense booster spf 50 has 3 acne causing ingredients (butylene glycol, tocopherol, and squalane). spf 30 version has 4 pore clogging ingredients (squalane, retinyl palmitate, tocop – vdorocket 2021-02-24
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Have you tried LimeLife Perfect Sunscreen?

This has common pore clogging oils, depends on your relationship with oils – Mariacamilarv 2019-11-02
avoid! has 4 pore clogging ingredients, 3 of them rated 2 – vdorocket 2021-02-24
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try COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream / Some By Mi UV Shield Daily Mild Sunscreen

The Some By Mi sunscreen has fragrance depends on you skin sensitivity – Mariacamilarv 2019-11-02
COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream Has pore clogging ingredients and irritants – Mariacamilarv 2019-11-02
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These are sunscreens I have found so far with 0/0 acne/irritant ingredients, though I have not yet tried them myself:

(0/0) Cinere Matte Finish Sunscreen Cream for Oily Skin
(0/0) DRMTLGY Broad Sprectrum SPF 45

Best of luck in the sunshine!

I want to try the Cinere SPF - currently out of stock. I'm based in the UK if anyone has a link or knows where to buy, that would be fab! – ninadaymn 2020-07-05
the aveeno has a ton of irritating/acne causing ingredients – lynam.kayla 2021-01-31
the drmtlgy one actually has 2 types of dimethicone in it, which are terrible for acne prone skin – vdorocket 2021-02-24
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MAKEP:REM UV Defense Me Blue Ray Sun Gel is good ! There is a cream too depends on what type of sunscreen you like

Has fragrance, oils and alcohol I do not recommend for dry sensitive skin, or rosacea – Mariacamilarv 2019-11-02
has butylene glycol in it, rated 1 for comedogenic – vdorocket 2021-02-24
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The skin and bare it , drmtlgy broad spectrum, DMK Soleil sunscreens seem fine. I’ll update if I find another. I search products with no comedogenic/irritating ingredients.

The sunscreen percentage is in the comments above the ingredients – Mariacamilarv 2019-11-27
skin and bare it: has dimethicone rated 1 & zinc oxide rated 1 – vdorocket 2021-02-24
he drmtlgy one has 2 types of dimethicone in it – vdorocket 2021-02-24
DMK soleil has 5 (!) pore clogging ingredients – vdorocket 2021-02-24
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I have normal to dry skin. I am also acne prone and this works really well for me and it doesnt have a white cast.
Its from Krave Beauty and called The Beet Shield. There is one 3 and then the rest is all 1s and 2s. Hopefully this works out.

This product has polysorbate-80. Despite passing the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR), there are concerns about this ingredient as it was found to cause cancer in animal studies. – calico15 2021-02-12
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Supergoop Superscreen! Really nice daytime moisturizer with SPF 40! 0’s across the board :)

which one do you use – lynam.kayla 2021-01-31
they all have silicones – vdorocket 2021-02-24
This product scored ZERO for comedogenic/irritants...according to this website. – ER-2021 2021-10-05
The correct name of the product is Superscreen Daily Moisturizer. Their Vitamin D spf also scored ZERO for irritants/comedogenics. – ER-2021 2021-10-05
@vdorocket are silicones not comedogenic or an irritant? If so then why was this product rated ZERO for comedogenic/irritants? – ER-2021 2021-10-05
correction - the vitamin D spf is not rated zero. my bad. but the moisturizer spf is zero! – ER-2021 2021-10-05
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Purito Centella Green Level Unscented Sun SPF 50+ PA++++

This irritated my pimples (made them red and itchy) and caused my skin to break out. – Hannaf 2020-08-16
has 3 pore clogging ingredients – vdorocket 2021-02-24
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it may not have all zeros (zinc oxide could potentially irritate some people’s skin) elta MD UV clear 46 is generally well tolerated

has butylene glycol in it (pore clogging) & terrible reviews of milia, acne & allergic reactions – vdorocket 2021-02-24
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GlitzyCorps said:
Have you tried LimeLife Perfect Sunscreen?

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I like Le Roche Posay Tolerian spf 30. It is rich and emollient but soothes my skin with out feeling greesy, clogging my pores or leaving a white cast. It is however a chemical sunscreen and so on days my skin can tolerate it I use cerevae which has an added mineral sunscreen but for some reason burns around the eyes.

girl it has 8 pore clogging ingredients ! – vdorocket 2021-02-24
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Girls I did not know how important a face sunscreen was until I noticed I was breaking out because of it! I looked up several sunscreens at my local Walgreens and found that “Neutrogena sensitive skin mineral sunscreen broad spectrum spf 60+” has NO ingredients level 5 or above!!! I’m trying it out today. When I applied it made my face ghost white so I massaged it in very well and it went away. It contains 100% mineral actives and it’s water resistant up to 80 minutes, but of course reapply every 30min or so.

it has 4 pore clogging ingredients, even if rated 1 or 2, still really bad for acne prone skin – vdorocket 2021-02-24
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Elta MD UV Clear all the way. I have very sensitive, rosacea, acne prone skin and have tried many sunscreens. Elta MD is the only one that has never made me break out.

There are ingredients in Elta MD clear that can cause acne: – kristenEU 2020-07-29

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