Cas No:68554-70-1
Opacifying agent


高絲 曬可皙 高效防曬噴霧標示,清爽型粉體為: polymethylsilsesquioxane



Rating: GOOD
Categories: Silicone, Film-Forming Agent, Suspending/Dispersing Agent

Polymethylsilsesquioxane is a polymer formed from the condensation and hydrolysis of the silicone methyltrimethoxysilane. In cosmetics, it functions primarily as a film former and skin conditioning ingredient. In its raw form, it is a powder with round particles.

In a survey of cosmetic formulations, polymethylsilsesquioxane was found to be used in amounts as high as 55.2%, but most often at concentrations of 4.9% or less. The independent Cosmetic Ingredient Review panel found that polymethylsequioxane is safe as used in cosmetics, with no evidence of toxicity or sensitization. This silicone polymer is also not known to clog pores.


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