Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Body Oil (correct ingredients list-2019)
Posted on 2020-12-09 , Data Source: Product's Label
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The ultimate moisture and hydration in winter season!
I've already tried different body lotions, but they do not give long lasting hydration, so I've tried body oil for the first time and I can say I am really impressed. From one side, oil needs more time to be absorbed, but from the other side, legs and hands are kept moistured even next morning and next day, so this is a great result. I immediately ordered the 2nd bottle of this oil at online store, as I think this body oil became my musthave for wintertime, when apartments are heated with dry air.
The oil is very lightwear (it is not like using coconut oil at all!) and has a tender smell.
Now I understand I was wrong when I avoided body oils, thinking all of them are greasy and shining and not comfortable. This body oil is extremely comfortable and ingredients list is impressive!

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