Amish Origins Authentic Deep Penetrating Greaseless Pain Relief Cream - Natural Ingredients
Posted on 2019-12-01 , Data Source: Product's Label
A natural, greaseless topical cream which can be safely used to help relieve various aches and pains.
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This pain relief cream has definitely become my go-to product for relief. It hasn't caused me any breakouts, rashes, redness, or itching, and although it can't provide relief for all symptoms, it does help to distract me from low level pain thanks to the cooling menthol. Also for what it's worth, I am a 26 y/o female, 130 lbs, non-arthritic, so I can't say whether it helps with post-surgical or arthritic pain, but it has at least offered me some relief with the diffuse, chronic pain I have in my lower and mid-upper back.

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