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Excellent product, containing a derivative of transexamic acid, which has been shown in multiple studies to be as effective as hydroxyquinone at lightening skin discolorations (see eg this meta-analysis). The difficulty with TA, apparently, is that it does not effectively pass the first layer of the skin--dermarolling or some such is required for maximum impact.

The derivative this product contains, cetyl tranexamate mesylate, was shown in one study (and I believe just one study) to be much better than TA at penetrating the skin and not only evening out the skin, but also reducing redness of the complexion.

Based on this, the affordability of the product, and the fact that it has no very sensitizing/acne-inducing ingredients, I decided to use this on (gasp) my face! I'm 48 and have quite a few "sunspots," in addition to non-rosacea reddening due to sensitivities. After two weeks, I can say that this has really come through! Certainly not all gone, but they're fading, and it is the first product that has worked for me so well.

Strongly recommend. And if your skin isn't terribly acne-prone, you might want to try it on your face to save some money--worked for me.

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