Bliss jelly glow peel
Posted on 2021-03-19 , Data Source: Other Website
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Really like how much it exfoliates, smell isn't all that great but I would always wash my face with another cleanser after using this cleanser to make sure all the dead skin it exfoliated was removed from my face which also takes are of the scent.

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I love this product. I use it similarly to a face wash. I apply to damp skin and lightly massage all over my face. After a few seconds or so, it starts to collect your dead skin with it. It works so well, that it’s honestly kind of gross to see how much stuff is in your skin. It leaves my skin feeling smooth, unclogged, and super fresh.

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I agree this product is amazing and shocked me on the amount of dead skin it removes every day – SMCSaysHello 2021-09-21
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