Kylie Skin Vanilla Milk Toner
Posted on 2019-05-23 , Data Source: Product's Label
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I have sensitive and oily acne-prone skin and this broke me out badly. I have the foaming face wash, the milk toner, and the face mask. I didn’t have any reactions to the face wash and I noticed it was actually making little pimples I had get smaller and go away faster and the face mask has a lotion type consistency and it’s very hydrating. You can also leave it on as an overnight mask or for 5-10 minutes and wash it off and I love it so much. The toner would make me break out badly the day after I used it and I would wake up with pimples that resembled whiteheads but felt extremely painful like a cystic pimple and were also very red and it looked like I had got bit by a spider. I initially thought it was the face wash so I stopped using it and instead continued to use the milk toner and I finally realized that it was the toner causing the breakouts and something in it wasn’t agreeing with my skin at all. I have the collection sitting on my vanity because the pink matches the theme of my makeup room but I refuse to use the toner ever again. I fed into the hype of everyone saying how good the toner was and it completely messed up my skin and it took a good while for the pimples it caused to leave but thankfully they didn’t leave behind dark marks. The product also has fragrance in it and while it does smell good, the smell reminds me of a shampoo I use to use for my hair. I think with this line the face wash and the toner can be skipped if you have sensitive skin/acne prone skin and if your skin can’t particularly handle fragrance. I’ve also heard that even though foaming face washes are typically marketed towards people with oily skin, they aren’t good to use for your skin long term. Also the toner seemed to emphasize my pores and make them more noticeable and my skin was immediately oily after applying it. There’s better drugstore products that have the same ingredients and formulations as Kylie skin. I love Kylie but I feel her skin care line is marketed more towards those who already have clear skin similar to how glossier markets it’s makeup as “no makeup” or “natural” when in reality it really only works for those who already have clear skin too. All in all I’ll gladly stick to my witch hazel which is something I know works for me.

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