Molecular Weight: 1135.0 Cas No:12619-70-4; 7585-39-9
Chelator; Absorbent

* A naturally occurring polysaccharide that is produced from starch. Sometimes referred to as cycloamylose.


This ingredient's unique cylindrically shaped molecular structure enables it to form host-guest or inclusion complexes with a variety of materials, and thus it's employed in a variety of fields. It's used to enable drug release in pharmaceutical products, to immobilize toxicity in enviromental substances (i.e. sewage) and eliminate cholesterol in various food products.

In cosmetics, it's primarily used for its odor absorption capabilities. In addition to stabilizing fragrances, it also works to reduce the foam in a solution an enhance the solubility and delivery of other ingredients in a product. As a stabilizer that keeps other ingredients from evaporating and losing efficacy, it's often used in conjunction with vitamin A derivatives (aka retinoids) because they are very sensitive to temperature and light. For this reason, you may find this cyclodextrin in a variety of anti-aging products that contain potent, yet unstable, antioxidant ingredients. It's contained in personal care products such as anti-aging treatment, facial moisturizer/lotion, sunscreen, cleanser, eye cream, deodorant/antiperspirant and self-tanner.

Safety Measures/Side Effects:

The FDA includes this ingredient as a Generally recognized As safe (GRAS) direct food additive, and both animal and human studies have shown it to be non-toxic.

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