Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 dimethicone
Molecular Weight: 625.2
W/O Emulsifier; Surfactant; Skin conditioning

垃圾,乳化劑,對肌膚刺激性低,難滲入穿越角質層,容易卸妝移去,不會造成堆積的垃圾(取自張麗卿 博客分享)


ABIL® EM 90 is a non-ionic W/O emulsifier which is based on silicone. The high emulsion stabilizing potential of ABIL® EM 90 is caused by the polymeric and polyfunctional structure. It is an emulsifier for "light" W/O emulsions with pleasant application properties. It is an emulsifier for the preparation of multiple emulsions, stable emulsions without co-emulsifiers and with low amounts of consistency-enhancing waxes. It can be formulated with all kinds of cosmetic oils. It is for use in cosmetic W/O creams and lotions.

MF: C29H68O6Si4 MW: 625.2g/mol

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