Citrus Grandis Fruit Extract
Grapefruit Fruit Extract
Cas No:90045-43-5; 8016-20-4
Astringent; Fragrance; Skin conditioning; Tonic

歐盟委員會數據庫對化妝品的物質和成分信息CosIng: 政府的限制違例 - 禁止或發現不安全用於化妝品


Grapefruit seed extract also contains naringenin, a substance known to possess antioxidant properties. Antioxidants may help protect cells from damage caused by free radicals.

Proponents claim that grapefruit seed extract can help with the following conditions:
Athlete's foot
Cold sores
Research on the health effects of grapefruit seed extract is limited. What's more, the American Botanical Council published a report stating that some grapefruit seed extract products tested in available studies may contain undisclosed ingredients. In some cases, those ingredients may be responsible for the tested products' health effects.

In the 2012 report, American Botanical Council investigators found that many grapefruit seed extract products on the market today contain synthetic chemicals (including preservatives and disinfectants) that aren't listed on their labels. Those chemicals include benzethonium chloride, a compound found in many cosmetics, ointments, and first-aid antiseptics.
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So Grapefruit extract is good, but a lot of companies use undisclosed ingredients with it. I'm not sure if my neutrogena grapefruit acne cleanser is safe for me

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