Paraffinum Liquidum
Liquid Paraffin, White Petrolatum, Liquid Petrolatum, Huile Minerale, Paraffine, Mineral Oil, Nujol, Adepsine Oil
Cas No:8012-95-1; 8020-83-5; 8042-47-5

I think mineral oil is a very Comedogenic!
check for myself

I totally agree, mineral oil, petroleum, petrochemicals are very pore clogging and literally coat the skin like you've wrapped your face in cling film suffocating your skin and blocking your pores!!
I used to use this website as a guideline to check ingredient safety before any product purchase but if it states mineral oil as non comedogenic then the whole site is useless!! Very misleading and annoying!!

Our skin can not absorb Mineral Oil becaus the cell is bigger than our skin.


Mineral oil itself is safe and not comedogenic!
There is no research showing that mineral oil can cause acne, the only reason that it may trigger acne is because the texture of it is thick and heavy, like other oily ingredient, such as olive oil. So when you put it on your skin, the thickness of the ingredient may hinder the emission of your oil to come off to the surface of your skin, that's why some people who have normal to oily skin think it's comedogenic! But my friend who has very dry skin thinks it's great, and she never gets acne because of using products containing mineral oil. So it really depends, stop making negative claims about mineral oil.


Interesting enough, mineral oil is frequently used in moisturizing oil for babies. The effectiveness of this element depends on its purity. In addition, molecules of many cosmetics are larger than the gaps between cells. It doesn't mean they will cause acne. BTW, no Chinese here???







Cosmetics-grade mineral oil and petrolatum are considered the safest, most non-sensitizing moisturizing ingredients ever found. Mineral oil and petrolatum are known to be efficacious in skin replenishing and are also among the most effective, established moisturizing ingredients available.

The mineral oil in skincare products is certified as either USP (United States Pharmacopeia) or BP (British Pharmacopeia). It’s completely safe, soothing, non-sensitizing, and perfectly beneficial for skin.

References for this information:

International Journal of Cosmetic Science, 2012, issue 6, pages 511-518

International Journal of Cosmetic Science, 2007, issue 5, pages 385-390

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Source: Paula´s Choice.

I found a dermatologist that says to not use anything with mineral oil.

Why that everybody's English so excellent? IMO, if there's any DOUBT, it's OUT.


I do use lotion E45 for restoring moisture of skin on my face (my skin is oily). It contains parafinum liquidum and I can say that my skin looks more hydrate than with using of korres rose wild moisturizer. So I do not know what is true. But my skin gets shiny quick after this e45.


I love Johnson's original baby oil. It removes makeup and is the best for shaving your legs. It is the perfect bath oil. Use it to condition your nails and feet. Makes a great after bath all-over moisturizer. I have oily skin and use Ivory bar soap.
CeraVe normal to oily skin cleanser and the cream moisturizer are my alternates.
I find that the older products are best.


White Petrolatum and mineral oil are so bad for the skin. It will clog your pores. If you observed your skin under 50x skin analyzer after using white petrolatum for a period of time, you will notice your skin is getting wrose in terms of losing hairs and skin texture.


I used Johnson's baby oil as my makeup remover for a year. It's main ingredient is mineral oil and I did not develop any pimple or acne from from it. FYI, my skin is super sensitive that it took me 2 years to clear my skin. So, this website is accurate as far as I know.


Used as moisturizer would be better.
My body lotion has it , but I did not acne at all.
So,in my opinion , it really depends on your private skin condition , sensitive skin before use think carefully


this in vivo study proves that mineral oil is not comedogenic. I'm shocked because my whole life I thought he was bad for the skin


I genuinely cannot believe how so many people actually think that mineral oils, especially Paraffinum Liquidum, are safe!! The mere fact that you were not able to find actual studies that prove that mineral oils are considerably unsafe does not mean that there is no such study at all! The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence. One does not have to be super qualified chemist to know such a simple fact, that is mineral oils are very dangerous, especially for people with sensitive skin. It is the core property of Petroleum-based mineral oils, especially Paraffinum Liquidum, to make themselves appear like they make people's skin/hair look shiny and feel smooth, which make people who use them think that they work perfectly. They DO put an invisible film-like barrier on the surface it is applied, preventing the skin/other surfaces from being able to taking air in. They are used in certain ointments and creams for treatment or external use including the products for babies because they are CHEAP. There ARE people who actually got intoxicated due to use of petroleum-based products including vaseline and Paraffinum Liquidum if you bother searching for it. Just stop being so ignorant and search for the real science.


ChemExprt is forgetting a very important part of the link she posted:

"A complete description of mineral oils should include how the oils are refined. Oils used in cosmetic products are typically highly refined, whereas those used in automotive oils and fluids tend to be unrefined or only mildly treated. Highly refined products are not covered in this section."

Several ingredients can be very harmful if not properly refined, that's a very poor way of classifying things. Unrefined mineral oil means it came straight from the petrolleum distilation, which means it's full of harmful impurities. Chemistry exists, so proper measures to furter purify mineral oil and petroleum jelly are taken. It's literally used in the treatment of burn victims to protect the skin of external stressors and infections because it's a 10 out of 10 non irritating oclusive... just because it's cheap does not mean it's bad, it's great that it's cheap


The reason why mineral oil might caused acne is probably because people cleanse the skin.


【Paraffinum Liquidum】

Rating: GOOD
Benefits: Hydration
Categories: Emollient

The Latin name for emollient ingredient mineral oil, also known as liquid paraffin. This term is acceptable to use on cosmetic ingredient lists, but should ideally be followed by “(mineral oil)” so it’s clear to the consumer what they’re getting.

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