HLB:12.4 Cas No:9004-98-2; 24871-34-9; 71976-00-6
Emulsifier; Surfactant
[1] 張麗卿,『優質保養品選擇策略』,聯經出版社,2003/07/10。


MF: C20H40O2 MW: 312.5g/mol

Oleth-10 is polyethylene glycol ethers of oleyl alcohol in which the number in the name is the average number of ethylene oxide units. In cosmetics and personal care products, the Oleth ingredients are used in the formulation of skin care products, makeup and hair care products.
Oleth-10是油醇的聚乙二醇醚,其中名稱中的數字是環氧乙烷單元的平均數。 在化妝品和個人護理產品中,Oleth成分用於配製護膚產品,化妝品和護髮產品。

The Oleth ingredients are polyethylene glycol ethers of oleyl alcohol. Their physical from ranges from liquids to waxy solids. The water solublity of the Oleth ingredients increases as the content of ethylene oxide increases.
Oleth成分是油醇的聚乙二醇醚。 它們的物理性質從液體到蠟狀固體不等。 Oleth成分的水溶性隨著環氧乙烷含量的增加而增加。


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