Disodium cocoamphodiacetate
Cas No:68650-39-5
Surfactant; Cleaning agent; Foam Booster



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Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate is a mild amphoteric surfactant of light color, low viscosity, low irritation, high foamability and high thickening ability. It’s widely used in mild shampoo, body wash, facial cleanser, hand soap, shaving products and so on, as primary or secondary surfactant.

Disodium Cocoamphodipropionate is imidazoline-derived amphoteric organic compounds. In cosmetics and personal care products, these ingredients function as surfactants (foam boosters and cleansing agents), and hair conditioning agents. A foam boosting agent is used in cosmetics to increase the foaming capacity of surfactants - cleansing agents, or to stabilize foams in general. Foam boosters are substances which increase the surface viscosity of the liquid which surrounds the individual bubbles in a foam. These agents are commonly used in shaving soaps, shampoos, bubble baths, liquid soaps, mousses, or aerosol-dispensed foams. Film formers or viscosity-increasing agents are sometimes used as foam boosters.
椰油兩性二乙酸二鈉是咪唑啉衍生的兩性有機化合物。在化妝品和個人護理產品中,這些成分起表面活性劑(泡沫促進劑和清潔劑)和頭髮調理劑的作用。泡沫促進劑用於化妝品中以增加表面活性劑 - 清潔劑的發泡能力,或通常穩定泡沫。泡沫促進劑是增加包圍泡沫中各個氣泡的液體表面粘度的物質。這些試劑通常用於剃須皂,洗髮劑,泡泡浴,液體肥皂,摩絲或氣溶膠分配的泡沫中。成膜劑或增粘劑有時用作泡沫促進劑。

CIR Safety Review: Disodium Cocoamphodipropionate was nontoxic in acute oral toxicity studies.

The results of ocular irritation studies of these compounds varied depending on the test conditions. In a clinical ocular study, 1%, 3% and 10% dilutions of a shampoo containing 28.1% Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate was nonirritating to the human eye. Sodium Cocoamphopropionate, Disodium Cocoamphodipropionate was nonmutagenic in a bacterial assay, both with and without metabolic activation.
Disodium Cocoamphodipropionate may be used in cosmetics and personal care products marketed in Europe according to the general provisions of the Cosmetics Regulation of the European Union.



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