Calcium pantothenate
Molecular Weight: 476.5 Cas No:137-08-6
Antistatic; Hair conditioning


Calcium salt of pantothenic acid. C18H32CaN2O10


【Calcium Pantothenate】

Rating: BEST
Benefits: Anti-Aging
Categories: Antioxidant

Also known as pantothenic acid.

See: Pantothenic Acid

【Pantothenic Acid】

Rating: BEST
Benefits: Hydration, Soothing
Categories: Humectant, Solvent

Also called vitamin B5, research shows it can be effective for hydration. Pantothenic acid occurs naturally in many foods (fresh meats, vegetables, and whole grains), and helps the body convert carbohydrates into glucose that we need for energy. Oral supplementation with pantothenic acid appears to help improve breakouts, but the research on this is not substantial.

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