FD&C Blue No.1
Brillant blue FCF, Brilliant blue FCF, CI 42090, FD&C Blue 1 Aluminium Lake, FD&C Blue #1, Food Blue 2, Blue 1, Blue 1 Lake, Acid blue 9, Erioglaucine A, Acid Blue 9 Aluminum Lake
FD&C 色料 藍色一號, 酸性藍 9, 酸性藍 9 鋁色澱
分子量:792.9 Cas No:3844-45-9; 2650-18-2; 37307-56-5; 68921-42-6
色料,外觀呈綠藍色/亮藍色,經美國聯邦食品藥物和化妝品法案(Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act)核可,代表此染料可用於食物(Food)、藥物(Drug)及化妝品(Cosmetics)上。安全無虞,但並非保證不會造成肌膚刺激。

等同 CI 42090


The safety of Blue No.1 varies based on how it is used, it is completely safe for topical use in beauty products.

Is FD&C Blue 1 safe for the skin? Safety Profile of CI 42090
CI 42090 has been deemed safe for use on skin and hair, even though it is synthetic. It does not pose any risk unless it is consumed.


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