C13-16 isoparaffin
C13-16 異烷烴, C13-16 異鏈烷烴
Cas No:68551-20-2

This ingredient is comedogenic, avoid if possible for acne-prone skin.

"Because of the properties of hydrocarbons, they are used in the cosmetic industry quite extensively as lubricants in lipsticks and in creams, as it helps make them smoother and shiny. The oily film of hydrocarbon based ingredient helps to prevent evaporation of moisture, in addition to helping soften and smooth the skin in the same way as any other emollients. They are often used in preference to other ingredients because they are less expensive.

Chemical Rating /score
Petroleum Distillate 1/3
Polyethylene, 50% in mineral oil 0/3
Polybutene 0/3
Petrolatum 1/3
Mineral Oil, light 1/3
Isoparaffin c8-9 0/3
Isoparaffin C9-11 1-2/3
Isoparaffin C11-13 0/3
Isoparaffin C13-16 2/3
Squalene 1/3

Mineral oil and petrolatum are shown to be mildly comedogenic, as are most high refinement petroleum products. However, some others are more comedogenic, this may be due to contamination. Both mineral oil and petrolatum are shown comedogenic because of their occlusive properties when used on incorrect skin conditions."



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