Myristyl Myristate
肉荳蔻酸肉荳蔻脂, 肉豆蔻醇肉豆蔻酸酯
Cas No:3234-85-3
柔潤劑、不透明劑、肌膚調理劑,在CIR(Cosmetic Ingredient Review)的評估報告中,有造成肌膚或眼周粘膜刺激性的可能。

What it is
Myristyl Myristate is a yellowish or white waxy solid formed by combining Myristyl Alcohol and Myristic Acid, a naturally occurring fatty acid.

What it does
Myristyl Myristate is an emollient that gives skin a smooth appearance.
It is also used in cosmetics because it gives a soft feel to formulas, provides an opacifying or glossy effect and has thickening properties.

Side effects
Myristyl Myristate is very comedogenic and can cause breakouts.


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