Glyceryl caprylate
Cas No:26402-26-6


Glyceryl Caprylate is a monoester of glycerin and caprylic acid.

Molecular formula C11H22O4. Not safe for fungal acne.

Just kidding, actually it is safe for fungal acne / Pityrosporum (Malassezia) Folliculitis. Caprylic acid is safe for Malassezia.

Glyceryl Caprylate应该翻译成辛酸甘油酯


【Glyceryl Caprylate】

Rating: GOOD
Benefits: Hydration
Categories: Emollient, Emulsifier, Cleansing Agent

Glyceryl caprylate is a single ester of glycerin and the coconut-derived fatty acid caprylic acid. It’s a fairly solid ingredient with a wax-like texture and smooth finish.

Usage levels of glyceryl caprylate varies by type of product and what the formulator is trying to accomplish. Amounts between 0.3–0.7% are standard for leave-on emulsion-type products such as moisturizers. If it’s being used as a wetting agent to improve texture or application, amounts between 0.3–1% are typically chosen. Rinse-off products such as cleansing oils may contain up to 5%.

Glyceryl caprylate is considered safe and non-sensitizing as used in cosmetics.


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