FD&C Blue No.1
Brillant blue FCF, Brilliant blue FCF, CI 42090, FD&C Blue 1 Aluminium Lake, FD&C Blue #1, Food Blue 2, Blue 1, Blue 1 Lake, Acid blue 9, Erioglaucine A, Acid Blue 9 Aluminum Lake
FD&C 色料 蓝色一号, 酸性蓝 9, 酸性蓝 9 铝色淀
分子量:792.9 Cas No:3844-45-9; 2650-18-2; 37307-56-5; 68921-42-6
色料,外观呈绿蓝色/亮蓝色,经美国联邦食品药物和化妆品法案(Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act)核可,代表此染料可用于食物(Food)、药物(Drug)及化妆品(Cosmetics)上。安全无虞,但并非保证不会造成肌肤刺激。

等同 CI 42090


The safety of Blue No.1 varies based on how it is used, it is completely safe for topical use in beauty products.


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