permethrin in cosmetics
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Do you have examples of cosmetic products with permethrin? I[m interested in concentration of this for topical application for scabies.


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My known product of Permethrin (5%) is Permite which is a Cream product and another one is Perlice which is for lice contains Permethrin (1%)


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Nix, Elimite, and Acticin contain permethrin. However, it can cause skin irritation, redness, and is painful if it gets in your eyes.
These products are for intended for short term application to eliminate lice, not daily use.

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Coumarins display a remarkable array of biochemical and pharmacological activity. Certain members of this group of compounds may significantly affect the function of various mammalian cellular systems. Coumarin is an aromatic compound that has a bicyclic structure with lactone carbonyl groups. The presence of an electronegative atom is effective for hydrogen bond formation and for solubility, to some extent and aromatic ring is responsible for having hydrophobicity. These phenomena are the cause of better interaction of the molecule with a receptor site. The substitution of coumarins makes them more significant for effective bioactivity. Numerous types of coumarins have been synthesized and also are present in nature. With different structures due to the various types of substitutions or pharmacophore in their basic nuclei, they are significant in showing effective and diverse classes of biological activity.

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